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We help businesses take the vital first step to digital success. Condensing a strategy into a solid project brief which allows you and your agency partner to keep focus on achieving your business objectives.

Creating an effective brief for the work you want to commission is the single most important stage of any digital project. Get it right and you are on the first step to success, get it wrong and you face months of managing the misunderstanding and disconnects it created.

We know exactly what agencies need to know about you to do their work. We also know what you as a client should and shouldn’t be telling them. It’s actually less about what you want at this stage and more about who you are, who your customers are and how that relationship works.

We know the business value of simplifying tasks and achieving goals. That same focus is key to a successful creative or campaign brief. Our role as a digital business consultant is to step back and help you understand:

How to make your sales process fit for digital – How you’ve sold successfully in the past provides key insights. These allow us to suggest how that same process can be recreated in the digital space.

How to judge website performance – We will help you understand the key metrics and create a performance benchmark. Those KPIs will then inform a successful digital project that grows the bottom line.

How to brief the outcome, not the output – Once we understand the key insight to achieving the goal and the KPI to measure it by, we work with you to determine what is absolutely necessary to hit the objectives and plan where your budget should be spent, avoiding waste on vanity elements.

2016 market research into UK business use of digital analytics (source: Ruler Analytics)

% of UK businesses with website analytics installed

% of businesses who track web form submissions or leads generated

% of UK businesses who track their return on their digital marketing spend

% of UK businesses who don't track any digital marketing metrics

Selecting the right people to work with

Choosing the right agency partner is critical to the success of the digital work you commission. The choice is huge, the price tags vary enormously and finding that perfect fit isn’t something to decide on a whim. Instead of going on your gut feel, we can help you benchmark partners effectively and select on a sound commercial basis.

We take clients through an evidence-based selection process, which looks at the makeup of agencies, their skillsets, their fee structures, the options they offer in terms of technical approach and how that meshes with the resource, skills and working style of the client. There is a crucial question all clients should ask agencies, but rarely do. What kind of client will I be to you? It’s easy to think selfishly as a client and expect total focus on your work, but the truth is that agencies (especially the good ones) have 10, 20 or 50 other brands just like yours who also want their time. You need to know where you fit into that to benchmark whether you want to be a “big fish” to a smaller agency or buy top agency talent but perhaps be further down the pecking order in terms of service.

Whichever basis you ultimately want to favour in choosing a digital partner, Agency Interface can ensure you’ve carefully though through all the pros and cons. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.