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The adage that “content is king” is one of the few maxims that all marketers agree on. You can have the most beautiful website or campaign asset design, but if the words, images, video and data don’t communicate effectively then your marketing effort won’t succeed.

At Agency Interface we help clients understand the role and power of content in all its forms.

The role of content in making you visible online

Website content is inextricably linked to the ability to of search engines to index your website pages correctly and rank you for the phrases your customers are searching for you. If you get this wrong you are invisible to the likes of Google and your traffic will suffer hugely.

Ensuring your content is understandable

Content is a huge element to a good user experience and should be approached using the same techniques that inform a user-centric. Indeed the best possible help you can give to your UX and design partner is to have good content ready for them to work with before they start.

The power of content to drive conversion

Content optimisation at the point of conversion is crucial to increasing enquiries and sales. We help clients conduct regular review and testing of different messaging and information around your key calls to action both on websites and as part of advertising campaigns.

Ongoing content marketing

All brands now have the power to be content publishers and distributors in a way that’s never been possible before. To keep your brand top of mind ahead of competitors It’s important to have both a strategy and an ongoing process to create content and make sure it gets in front of your audience in a way they are happy to consume and keen to engage with.

Harnessing the data revolution

As the world becomes more connected, collecting and leveraging data is going to become ever more important for businesses of all sizes. “Big data” is a term that has often been used in the media, but this isn’t just something for large corporates, SMEs need to start the process of collecting data, even just on a small-scale and have a strategy for building up what they know about their customers over time. The tools to turn data in profit may not yet be here for all, but when they arrive if you have no data to feed into them your business will be at a massive disadvantage.

At Agency Interface we have many years of experience in copywriting, video production and user experience. If you recognize a need to get your message across more effectively then chat to us today to see how we can help you achieve it.