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Ensure great work, not re-work

All digital projects have key milestones which are crucial to reach and conclude successfully. The number one cause of agency rework and extra cost is incorrect approvals by clients at these key stages. We work with clients to ensure they understand exactly what they are approving, review it carefully and consider the impact of choices on the remainder of the project. At the briefing stage of the project you can (and should) talk in your language, but once the project has begun the learning curve begins where you as the client are going to have to learn the language of digital in order to participate in the creative and marketing process. We help make that learning curve much less painful!

The relationship of website UX, design and development

At the heart of a great website are great content, great design and great functionality. Or to put it another way, great to look at, great information to consume and great stuff you can do. The relationship between these three areas is symbiotic, change one and it creates knock-on issues for the other two. Being able to visualise this relationship changing with every decision throughout a project is key to succeeding on all three fronts, but it takes a lot of experience to master. One of the biggest challenges for clients, when working with a partner agency to create a website, is taking on this task, but it has to be done at the key approval points for:

  • Website planning – usually in the form of a scoping or specification document
  • UX design – usually in the form of static or interactive wireframes
  • Visual design – usually in the form of flat graphics of the various page layouts
  • Launch – when the site is built, populated with content and ready to go live to the public

At Agency Interface we have years of experience of poring over the tiny details of websites during development, spotting the issues that content requirements create for design, functional decisions create for the user experience (UX) and vice versa. Why risk the huge costs associated with re-work when an experienced eye could have helped you get everything spot on first time?

Closing the loop on the digital marketing cycle

Whether you are pursuing an organic (SEO) or paid (PPC) search strategy  your agency should be reporting on a monthly basis on their activity. But their work cannot succeed in isolation. They can implement a wide range of tactics but will require fresh content, website technical updates or new creative assets to help feed the marketing cycle. There will undoubtedly be work to do on the client side to ensure that technical SEO updates or re-structuring of Google Adwords campaigns realise their full potential in terms of driving sales. We can help bring expert guidance to the monthly cycle as well as helping you plan for longer-term strategic changes.

Campaigns with military precision

Investing in hard-hitting promotional activities always carries an element of risk. The strategy needs to be right, as does the creative execution. If you’ve paid for media space you can’t afford to not be ready to launch with all elements in sync. Approving the creative and ensuring it satisfies all the criteria of the media plan can be stressful as it’s often done under serious time pressure. We’ve managed international digital advertising campaigns for major corporate players like Activision, so we know how what it takes to deliver on time and on budget.

Drafting in Agency Interface’s expert guidance at the key milestones

We give clients peace of mind that the work that has been created is right at every step of the creative and marketing process. Project signoffs are the second most critical area for success after the initial briefing. We’re happy to work on an ad-hoc basis, giving you an agency expert of your own to draft in and ensure your project stays on track and gives you the best possible return on investment. If that sounds like a service you’d benefit from then chat to us today and find out how we might be able to help.