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As a first step we’d love to help you review your business from a digital perspective and get some insight into your challenges. We always do this from a business point of view, so it’s meaningful to you and you can understand the benefit of the recommendations we make.

If things aren’t right we’ll say so, but let’s take some time to make sure we understand exactly what your situation is. You know what they say about assumptions!

We ask no commitment from you in return, this is just the best way we know of cutting through the chat and showing you we know our stuff. If you’d rather try the human version (good on you) then give us a call instead.


Your first step to mastering the digital world for your business

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What is the primary sales objective for you in the coming year

Keep focus on sales growth of my existing main product/serviceGrow sales of a secondary product/serviceDrive awareness of a new product/service

Which of the following is your key business priority

Increase our turnoverRaise our pricesAchieve better marginsAchieve higher AOV (Average order value)Reduce costs

What part of your marketing pipeline needs most attention?

Need more people to discover usNeed people to give our product/service more considerationNeed better conversion rate of transactionsNeed more repeat business

What role does your website play in your sales process?

It's the method by which people first find usIt's there for credibility, people will know about us before they come to the siteI'm not sure

Choose from the list below any types of digital marketing you are currently engaged in to promote your website.

Organic (SEO)PPC (Google Adwords)SocialEmailNone of the above

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Your audit report will give you clarity on four key areas

Website visibility

– how easy it is for people to find you

Ease of journey

– how well users can navigate to your key information

Content quality

– how well you tell your story

Conversion optimisation

– how to ensure key actions happen